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Following the checklist below will help ensure you receive the highest quality images possible.


  • Remove all vehicles, trashcans and signs from driveway areas and directly in front of the property.

  • Roll up or hide garden hoses and hide all garden tools.


  • If anybody does need to be in the home during the shoot (including pets), do your best to make sure they are on another floor or in another wing of what is currently being photographed in the home.

  • Remove pet bowls, toys and litter boxes from rooms that will be photographed.

General Cleanliness

  • Open window coverings to let in the natural light.

  • Remove any items that may be taped or otherwise fastened to the refrigerator.

  • Make all beds and tidy up bedrooms. Hide all clothes. Hang them up nicely in closets.

  • Hide all toys, or keep them in the kids' closets.

  • Put away newspapers and magazines.

  • Hide all trash containers.

  • Turn all ceiling fans off.

  • Make sure all light bulbs work.

  • Try to de-clutter the entire home.

Schedule other vendors who need access to the property on a different day than the photo shoot.

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